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There Are No Crowns on Battlefields

from Sucrosi Road: King Size by Sig Figs Collective



A fan song about Amethar Rocks from A Crown of Candy.

Please default to they/them pronouns when referring to Sig Figs Collective members.

ID: Amethar holds the blood-stained Crown of Candy at his chest. The top of his head isn’t depicted, but tears roll down his face, a stark blue against the pink tones of the image. Light shines from the back, making the front dark. “No crowns on battlefields” is written over the crown in white cursive. End ID.

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They gave me a sword, made me a knight
Sent me to war and told me to fight
And as I stood, last of my kind
They showed me a throne, said it was mine

I never asked for this
I never asked for this

And oh, there are no crowns on battlefields
No people to rule, only people to kill
And oh, I tell myself it's not the war I miss
But it's not by my side that my blade should sit

I miss the sound, the blood and steel,
Feeling alive, I miss the thrill
Now as I sit with my memories
My sisters' eyes bear down on me

[Pre-chorus & chorus]

I was never meant to die on a throne
i was born to be struck down, by a sword, alone
I was never meant to be mourned
I was born to be struck down, by a sword, unknown


But oh, there have been so many battlefields
So many mourned, so many killed
And oh, although war has settled in my chest
Maybe it's time for my blade to rest


from Sucrosi Road: King Size, released September 30, 2022
Writing: Nour (@0CEANKNIVES)
Production: Nour
Mixing: Nour
Performance: Nour
Visuals: Sam (@kindlestuck)

Visuals: Sam (@kindlestuck)
Animation: Emma (@msmegalodon)
Video Editing: Rosie (@kitchencryptid)

Album Cover: August (@cloudmancy), Sam (@kindlestuck), Rosie (@kitchencryptid)
Mastering: Day (

Managers: Mahal (@wretchstar), Jackson (, Lily (, Rosie (@kitchencryptid)


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