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A fan song about Cumulous Rocks from A Crown Of Candy.

Please default to they/them pronouns when referring to Sig Figs Collective members.

ID: Cumulous is perched on a tree, pink smoke billowing around him. In the smoke, figures of his past float, in Lazuli, Theo and an Original Character Monk, a pale woman with ram horns and dark hair. In the pink mist, “Tell the Tale” is written in all-caps as well as the symbol of a blue eye. End ID.

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Deep in the drink, below the ships
There’s a wisp of something there
With a staff like the branch of an ancient tree
And cotton candy hair

Out at sea, far from the port
There’s a monk of the Spinning Star
Who rose from the dead with a glint in his eye
And left foes with a fatal scar

If you stood on those ships that night, you did not live to tell the tale.

In a circle of stones at the top of a hill
There’s a long forgotten man
His body is hardened from years of war
But he’s finally returned to his clan

Before the spirit stands a powerful form
In a puff of sugary smoke
Magic surrounds him and lifts him to rise
A hungry soul invoked

If you had angered the man or the sprite, you did not live to tell the tale.

Out in the thick grass that circles the castle
There’s someone waiting close
Invisible to you and the birds and the men
Inhaling death through his nose

Flying through bushes, past haystacks and light
A bespectacled blue mage beside him
He moves like a shadow, a dusting of night
With a troupe of killers behind him

If you had scoffed at the soldier’s might, you did not live to tell the tale.

Among the chaos, above the war
Perched high on a staff of cloud
Remembering promises, oaths that he swore
His skill with magic endowed

The creation, the construct, outlined in mist
He leaps over swords and walls
An eye at his throat, a symbol, a risk
Someone to hear his calls

If you were not on his side of the fight, you did not live
If you were nipped by his cool frosted bite, you did not live
If you did not cower at the fearsome sight, you did not live to tell the tale.
You did not live to tell the tale.


from Sucrosi Road: King Size, released September 30, 2022
Writing: Kes (@kestrelmoons) Jay (, Day (, Rowan (@jrowanlin)
Production: Day, Rowan
Mixing: Day
Performance: Jay, Day, Rowan

Visuals: Em (@saphstars)
Animation: Syd (@wraith_ly)
Video Editing: Rosie (@kitchencryptid)

Album Cover: August (@cloudmancy), Sam (@kindlestuck), Rosie (@kitchencryptid)
Mastering: Day (

Managers: Mahal (@wretchstar), Jackson (, Lily (, Rosie (@kitchencryptid)


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