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Hi Cutie (repeating)


I’m a semi-satanic, blood romantic, terror antic
You’ll find me in your attic, in the corner, hearing static
Drink from my maker’s hand, she feeds me body, feeds me body
She told me not to drink from anybody else’s body
[screams] my wails assail, tell a brutal, painful tale
Hear my cry and wish I’d cease, wish for auditory peace ha!! ha!! ha!!
Mommy warned me not to cross the street alone
But she forgot to warn the street that if they ever cross my mother that they’re done!!

I’m made of blood
I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain
Oh, my king of hell
Lemme drink from you, relieve me of my pain
I’m misunderstood, but that’s all a-okay
It’s not so hard to tell
I’ve got a kink for shame, I like the game
I’m a horny little bastard
But I can get you there faster
You two need to hold tight onto my reins
Can’t disguise my lowly stature
I’m a scummy kind of spectre
Made from mortal blood and hellish flame
What’s my name???

I’m called Baby, now
Baby want a bottle!!
I can’t get it out
But I can make you feel uncomfortable!!!!!

I’m called Baby, now (Waoh!! Waoh!!)
Baby want a bottle!!
I can’t get these feelings out
But I can make you feel uncomfortable!!!!!

Would you like to wrap me in a swaddling cloth?
Would you gift me your essence to make myself parts?
I just wanna crawl out of my skin, but it’s not really skin, is it?
It’s more of an undulating goop of blood and gristle….


from Significant Figures 2​.​0, released October 1, 2021
Song: Max (, Noe (@kestrelmoons), Ted (
Visuals: Em (@saphstars)


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Sig Figs Collective Orlando, Florida

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