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A fan song about Calroy Cruller from A Crown Of Candy.

Please default to they/them pronouns when referring to Sig Figs Collective members.

ID: A portrait of a humanised depiction of Calroy Cruller with most of his face in shadow. He is an attractive east Asian man with light pink, striped skin and pink hair. Behind his head is a stylised halo design with rays of light filling the background. In the lower left corner, it reads “angel cake” with a halo and wing around the “l”. End ID.

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This royal icing feels ironic on my head
My face turns sickly sweet, the sugar in each lie I tell
Don't drop the smile, keep up the act
Don't let the pieces fall, every Rock must one day crack

Angel cake, sweet and bitter
Angel cake, a pinch of salt, a taste of murder

Little boy king, think you're good enough?
Oh well, here falls your head, you simply couldn't call my bluff
Could you not see the blood on my blade?
Didn't they teach you you can hide poison in a friend?


My heart is turning, my head heavy
It has yet to wear a crown but I know it will set me free
I was born hungry and I don't know guilt
I know the world should be mine, the throne is where I'm meant to sit


I would love a taste of power
I will have a taste of power
I will have my taste of power
I will have my taste of power
I will, I will have, I will, I will have
I will, I will have, I will, I will have


from Sucrosi Road: King Size, released September 30, 2022
Writing: Nour (@0CEANKNIVES), Jackson (
Production: Nour, Jackson
Mixing: Nour
Performance: Nour, Jackson

Visuals: Faust (@shantywolf)
Animation: Syd (@wraith_ly)
Video Editing: Jackson (

Album Cover: August (@cloudmancy), Sam (@kindlestuck), Rosie (@kitchencryptid)
Mastering: Day (

Managers: Mahal (@wretchstar), Jackson (, Lily (, Rosie (@kitchencryptid)


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